Monday, March 9, 2015

An Inviting Home: A KFC Nugget-vention

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a KFC nugget-vention


Our kids love chicken nuggets. However, most times we end up at the same place eating the same pressed shaped nuggets. Can anyone else relate? We needed a Nugget-vention!

When KFC debuted with Popcorn Nuggets we decided to intervene and have the kids try them. Why? Because they stand out from the competition. KFC Popcorn Nuggets are 100% white meat and are never formed or pressed into uniform shapes like the competition. It's crispy and the chicken is one solid piece.

Now my mouth is watering...
We were intrigued with the Popcorn Nuggets and planned a family dinner out. Our method for meals out is waters all around (that is also our little trick for saving and making eating out for a family of seven more affordable.) I really like how KFC has plates, utensils and napkins on hand to make serving up a large family dinner a snap. We couldn't get the food on the plates fast enough as hands rushed around opening sauces, passing out forks, serving up plates and making sure each child had a little bit of everything.

The kids are always eager to help when it means that dinner is about to commence.

Unfortunately, in the process, a few kids got hot sauce on their plate accidentally instead of ketchup...oops. Getting the right sauces ordered for each child and then passed out correctly is a whole other topic. Oy vey!

Hot sauce aside, our kids were thrilled and gobbled up the goodness...every last bite. (And nobody spilled their water which was icing on the cake!)
To check out KFC online go here. You can also check out their facebook page and find out more information about their Popcorn Nuggets here.

Who in your life needs a "Nugget-vention!?!" 

A few days after our dinner my kids saw this commercial. They laughed and giggled and said, "those WERE really good!"

I smiled.

Immediately, I thought back to our night out as a family, our hot sauce dilemma, yummy Popcorn Nuggets and how everyone walked away with full tummies and a great family memory!

Do you or a friend need a nugget-vention? Tell me in the comments.
This is a KFC-sponsored post for BlogHer. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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  1. Our family needs a "nugget-vention".

  2. i love kfc but the hubby is a popeyes fan woudl love to have a nugget vention for me the kids!

  3. This family needs a nugget intervention. We've been busy caring for my parents following my mom's surgery. It is a blessing to be able to do so, but it has been wearying.


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