Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Updated Home Office

home office

Hi friends! I hope you are having a great summer! I'm not quite ready for it to end in Minnesota I know what is around the corner. And before that season comes, that rhymes with splinter, I'm going to soak up every ounce of summer & fall. Seasons outside change and seasons of life change too. Recently I was reflecting on how with changing life seasons many times things in our homes change too. 

When I first began blogging, almost three years ago, my "home office" simply consisted of a place to set my laptop, plug in my camera and organize a few files. This was also the designated place that I would sort through our personal paperwork/finances. During this stage I was home full-time taking care of our three toddlers (while our older two kids were at school.) That meant that I needed my home office to be convenient to access and in a central spot. 

During this time it worked great having a little nook in our dining room to carve out as office space. I could easily pop around the corner into the kitchen or hear little ones wherever they might be. Having my office in the dining room also kept me motivated to keep things tidy since it was a completely visible area whenever guests were over. 

During that same period, we created a space for our kids to get creative in the basement. (The before and after of that room is pretty dramatic.) Our kids loved this space, but we soon learned that having a place for guests to stay was something that we wanted more.

Another...change in season, you could say.

So we replaced the desk with a bed for guests. And the kids started bringing activities upstairs to work on at the kitchen or dining room table. In fact, this basement space has been transformed even more...I'm really excited to show you that space soon. :-)

With all of these changes, I wanted to create a home office that fit my current needs and even had room to expand into a bit. I am now working from home regularly and wanted to have a space that sparked joy when I walked into it (I'm reading Marie Kondo's book about only keeping things in your home that spark changer!) 

With shifted job roles I also really needed a space where I could simply close the door. A place to make phone calls and leave things as is...without being concerned that the kids might grab important papers or that I needed to completely tidy up for company. I wanted to have a place where I could also close the door when I was finished working for the day and focus on family and non-work related things.  

It took time to create this certainly didn't happen over night. It was a process of gathering together things we the desk that was no longer needed in the basement. And using some of my monthly home decor/organizing budget to pick out a few things that sparked some curtains from World Market and bins from Target. 

Why don't you come on in and I'll show you what I've been organizing the past few months!

work from home mom

Our upstairs level in our house has four bedrooms. Three of them are used as the master, the boys room and the girls room. The smallest, fourth bedroom, used to be our guest room until we moved the bed down to the basement. Since then Sam had been using the fourth bedroom for his home office. Not too long ago, he kindly agreed to share half of the room with me.

Now we have a his and hers home office. 

Somehow my desk fit best right under the window. The sunlight streams in...YES, please!

work from home mom

I can set up everything I need right on my desk. I use a portable tablet/laptop combo for work. It is great for traveling. When I am home I can plug it into my monitor which makes viewing and editing pictures for blogging a lot easier to do.

doterra office

I love the cubbies on the IKEA shelf/desk combo. They are so versatile and you can mix and match containers nicely. 

I keep a box visible that is super handy for throwing receipts in for all of our home improvements/repairs. Then at the end of the year I sort through everything come tax time. I'm certain that using a pretty box makes that experience 80% more enjoyable. ;-)

home office

The back side of the cubbies are great for storing things as well. I love the combo of the natural toned wicker bins and the clean crisp, white containers. The white containers are handy to store class materials in. And the basket, on the bottom right shelf, is what I grab when I'm leaving the house to teach a class. I can easily toss the things I need into it and then pop it back on the shelf when I get home.

One of my favorite things about this new space is the closet that was transformed in the process!

I removed the door and gave the closet a fresh coat of paint...some white & some teal.

There were already some slats to the left of the closet from the previous home owner. I'm assuming there must have been some shelves on them at one point. Currently only the slats were present so I took some leftover wood out of the garage and cut & painted them to create shelves.

I love the way it turned out!

One day I went to Target looking for some storage bins to fit the shelves. I had the shelf measurements with me but it can still be tricky to figure out what would best fit the space. Since I am such a visual person I brought home a selection of colors and sizes to see how they would work.

I ended up liking the mix of containers more than going with all the same kind. They ended up working great and I really liked how everything came together with the contrasts in colors, textures and sizes!

The cabinet was reclaimed from another part of the house. It was something that I had picked up at a garage sale probably eight years ago. It has been used for a variety of things in our home throughout the years. I really like how slim it is and that the doors keep things inside from collecting dust.

I have thought of painting it many times but it would be more work than I'm willing to put in at this point. And since dark wood tends to go really nicely with teal I'm actually really liking its current condition! The dark tones warm things up a bit.

One of the things that I love about the essential oil educator part of my job is that I don't store individual products to sell. I simply share and educate others how to use essential oils, what the best ways are to apply them, common uses and the most cost effective way to get high quality, pure essential oils in your home. If you are interested in learning more about the essential oils that I use and recommend, you can email me here! (We even have a secret facebook group only available to wholesale members on my team.)

One thing I DO like to do however, is have a few helpful tools on hand for people who are getting started using their oils. This cabinet has become the perfect place to store glassware. I can see exactly what items I need to re-order in the future.

For the overall color scheme of the closet, I went with a teal, gray, yellow & white color combo. I wanted to keep things simple & streamlined but also fresh & vibrant!

On the same wall as the closet I re-hung my hanging folders from downstairs and added a new white board that I purchased from Target. Visually this space is just to the right of my desk so it is a convenient place to sort papers, jot down notes, write a to-do list, etc. 

I found these plastic rolling shelves on clearance at Target months ago. I think they were $5 each. Generally, I try to make over a space by taking things that we already own and then collecting a few inspiring pieces along the way as I am browsing stores that I regularly shop at.

However, if I am looking for something specific I'll usually stop at Home Goods, Ikea, or World Market. Otherwise most of my finds tend to come from the end caps at Target. :-)

In the teal drawers I keep shipping supplies, note cards, envelopes, a tape dispenser...basically things that aren't needed all of the time but are easily accessible as I am working at my desk. That white basket is where I store my camera that I use for blogging...when I'm not taking pictures of course. :-)

I find that I really enjoy having things out in the open that create a pretty space but are also really useful and functional. That cup of sharpened pencils for makes me smile every time I look at it. And I love to decorate with little reminders that are personal to me, like the number 7 or some of my favorite hashtags.

Well, friends...that about wraps up this current tour of my home office. 

I hope that you enjoyed seeing how one work from home momma carves out a little home office space as the seasons of life shift and change.

Enjoy the rest of summer, it's not over yet! :-)

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