Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sisters And Their Room Makeover

The beginning of a new year...ahhh, I love it! Happy New Year to you all!

Today I wanted to share with you a room makeover that recently was completed for our daughters. (Currently they are ages 6 & 11...and growing like weeds!) The transformation didn't take place over a couple of days or a week or even a month. I've been making small changes to this room for a long time now. I say that to encourage you that a room doesn't have to transform in a matter of hours or minutes. You know, like they do on those highly entertaining HGTV shows. 

Real life happens in between. 

In fact, I had collected a few things here and there when I was at Target or IKEA and then those things sat up against a wall in my bedroom for well over a year! I wondered if I would ever get around to using them. And then my mom was in town this past fall and she helped me take the plunge (and gave me some motivation to paint with two of us doing it together) to finally get the room transformed.

We moved into this house almost four years ago and the girls' room has remained untouched. Well, there was that one time I tried to makeover their bunk beds and failed miserably. Live and learn, right?

Enough of the behind the scenes talk...let's get to the good part. The part where in a mere 60 seconds of time you get to go from before to after without even having to help me paint. ;-) We'll walk down the hall and I can officially give you a tour of...the girls' room. 

Wait! I'm missing the most important part...the before picture.

Here you go...

And then, now...

It is definitely now one of the happiest and most cheerful rooms in our home! :-)

There is a story from my childhood about the comforters and why it was so special to me to makeover the girls room. I shared a little glimpse of that story here

I've had some bad experiences with picking out yellow paint before. Funny enough...for the first time ever, I actually purchased paint from Target. I bought it the same day that I purchased the comforters. It was a great match and made picking out the right shade super easy...especially since there was only one yellow to choose from. :-) The gray paint was actually leftovers from our master bedroom.

One corner of the room contains two IKEA malm dressers. I really like these because the girls can each have their own dresser for organizing their clothes but the dressers fit together nicely side by side to really utilize the space.

The art and frames that I used in the room also came from IKEA.

Some of the other prints I grouped together on one wall by the door.

The owl picture in the middle came from Target. It was something that we bought for our oldest daughter, four years ago, right before she came to live with us. When we told her that we were adopting her we also wanted to give her something special that she could look forward to hanging in her bedroom. Right from the start this picture reminded me of how special it is to have a sister...and how special it would be for these girls as they shared a room and truly become closer sisters with each passing day.

The other pictures on the wall came together after much thought and serious planning.

I'm kidding...the story behind those are here

A few other pieces came into the room from various locations in the house. 

The old fashioned school desk made its way up to the girls room from the dining room. The girls both love to draw and write so it works out well to put the desk up here.

Then the gray rug was something that we snagged out of our master bedroom to now put in their room as well. Which simply means that our bedroom is currently without a rug and it doesn't bother Sam or I. 

But now the girls have a soft and warm surface to play on.

I guess that about wraps up the tour. 

A little bit of Target, a little bit of IKEA and a little bit of shopping around the house. 

That sounds about right. 

Even though this room took time to transform, in the end it came together beautifully. The best part is hearing the girls giggle when they enter it or how big they smile when you ask them about their new comforters. They know how special mommy wanted it to be...and I know just how special these two sisters are. 

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  1. Wow, what a fantastic room! Love the colors and the dressers.


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