Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Our Inviting Space For Guests!

Our guest room space is finished and I am thrilled to share it with you today! This space has definitely evolved throughout the years. First it was an inviting space for kids and then we made it an inviting space for my parents to live in, when they stayed with us for 10 months. Since then we decided that the best use of this space for our family was to have a designated guest room for family, friends and those needing a temporary place to stay.

A big change that occurred was re-configuring our unfinished basement laundry room and adding a bathroom. We hired out the bathroom project and love the way that the area now functions. Not only do our guests no longer have to walk up multiple flights of stairs to find a shower...but we now also have 2 showers in the house. Definitely a benefit when you usually have at least 7 people in the house at all times. :-)

I really value the benefit of adapting any space in your home for guests to feel welcome and to have a place to rest. 

Life is so rich when spent with others!

In our house, growing up, that meant that my sister would open up her room for guests and come to my room for the night or vice-versa. With the amount of people that come through our home we really wanted to create an oasis, a place for guests to rest and have a little quiet cove away from the rest of the house. Because let's be honest, a house full of five kiddos is always bursting to the brim with excitement...unless you are visiting between the hours of 8:30pm and 7:30am and it is usually quiet as a mouse. :-)

I would say that our mission to create an oasis for weary travelers was completed! 

Let's take a tour, shall we...

One change that we made was enclosing the space from our family room. A wall was added to the right side of the picture above and then our friend, Ben, built this fabulous barn door. We went this route so that the doorway could be larger. That way when the door is open it still lets lots of light flood into our basement family room. (Speaking of light, sorry for the shadows and poor lighting in many of the photos coming up...taking pictures in a basement can definitely be a challenge!)

As you walk into the room on the left you'll find the same IKEA shelving unit that used to house all of our games and kids crafts. We've relocated those items onto a bigger unit in the family room. Then I added some bins to the bottom of this one so that it could be used as a dresser. Next, I added various items to the top shelves to make the space feel more like home. From a vintage fan that my dad used to have in his office when I grew up, to a vase given to us by a good friend. It was the perfect place to put items that have meaning to us.

I added some pops of yellow along with other various colors...

And a little greenery does the trick, along with a book that truly inspired this room.

You see, I've learned over time, and through reading this book, that having your home filled only with things that bring you joy and/or serve a specific purpose, is such a gift. And it feels so much better than being weighted down with stuff that serves no purpose or reason.

So as we created this space, and added each little touch, my hope was that this room would be a place of rest. That the items in it would have purpose, be practical and be a place filled with only items that I actually didn't mind having to dust. :-) 

The color inspiration that I used for these rooms came from a pillow I found at Target. It caught my eye one day and I really liked seeing the use of the three colors, mint and a pale pink.

With that inspiration, the walls of the guest room became navy, and I love how rich and cozy it made the room. Combining light, neutral bedding, and white furniture in the space gave the room a nice bright contrast to tie everything together. 

The little side table in the corner, I found on clearance at Target one day. The reading light came from IKEA. We also added a KVIKNE wardrobe from IKEA to create some closet space for guests. This unit works great because the doors slide from side to side...great for working with limited space.

Each side of the closet has adjustable shelves along with a space for hangers. I added a laundry basket to the bottom of the right side of the wardrobe for guests to use.

And then the left side has an extra hanging organizer (also found at IKEA) that works nicely to add some extra shelf space for putting folded clothes. 

I had been eyeing some different circular ceiling lights at Home Depot and Menards but then I found this one at IKEA for half of the price. It is made out of paper and was whiter than the other ones I had originally seen, which is what I wanted. Have you noticed a theme of where I shop when remodeling a room? I can't help it, this mom of 5 needs quick and easy...

and simple, budget friendly & functional which currently means most of the things in our home have come from IKEA or Target. ;-)

The desk in the corner of the room gives a nice place for a workstation. I've been tempted to come down here multiple times and work on days when the room is unoccupied. Something about a pretty, clean, clutter free space that makes my creative brain soar.

I didn't want our guests to feel left out from the other bedrooms in the house. So I placed one of our favorite diffusers and the essential oils that we like to diffuse together at bedtime, on the desk as well. And because knowing how to use something is rather helpful for actually being able to do just that...I typed up some simple instructions, step by step, to make our guests feel right at home.

I guess our final step of the tour is the new bathroom. This door used to lead to the laundry room. However, now there is a new entryway to the laundry room located in the family room. 

The floor in the bathroom is one of my favorites. It is similar to the one that we put in our main level bathroom. I love the look of the wood but the fact that it is tile and easy to clean. 

The shower is directly in front of you as you enter the room and then to the right of the shower is the vanity. The plan is to add some white subway tile as a back splash behind the counter and going up to the mirror. The shelf below works nicely to store some fresh linens for guests to easily see and use.

Then you have the always important commode area. The bad lighting really makes the wall color look different in this picture. The walls actually had to be repaired in some areas so the bathroom will be getting repainted at some point. This minty color that I picked out, turned out to be a little bit bluer than I wanted so we will see what round two ends up looking like once I get around to picking out another minty color. Do you have a favorite minty color that you have used in your home? If so, I would love to hear what it was!

And then doing a full circle in the bathroom, you have the door back into the guest room on the left. And then the door on the right leads into the area where our furnace and hot water heater are.

The rug in the guest room is something that we went back and forth on in deciding what to use. Originally I had bought some smaller rugs to put at the bottom of the bed and one on the side. However, the tile gets quite cold in the winter time and so having something that surrounds the bed seemed like a better option. I found this rug in the Home & Garden section at Target. It is actually an outdoor/indoor rug. A friend told me once that you don't want to use those on a wooden floor because any liquid that is spilled on it will leak through and could damage the floor. However, since we were putting the rug on tile it was a really inexpensive and good option.

I guess that finishes up our tour. 

What was your favorite part?

I think mine was...


I loved every part. 

I guess after all, that was the goal. To make the rooms in your home filled with things that bring you joy and have purpose. And hopefully in this case, others will enjoy it too!


  1. What a lovely space! I am trying to adopt your attititude of 'love it or get rid of it.' We were married almost 15 years ago and there were lots if gifts that I kept just because I felt guilty. We recently moved and I had friends gently push me to give away that giant magnolia painting that I never liked but hung up all these years. Haha. I hope my new home to me home will feel more like mine with only things I love.

  2. Amazing Sarah!!!!!!!! Good work!!! All the guests you will have will love this space and feel sooo loved and cared for!!!!

  3. Oh my word, what an amazing thing you've done here!!!


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