Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Catching A Global Vision As A Family!

Perhaps we didn't know what adding three children to our family all at once would exactly look like at the time. We simply knew, this is the next step, this is what we are suppose to do. 

The rest will unfold tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day after that.

When we became a family of seven I wondered how we would be able to give our kids a global vision for life. I knew that my perspective on life had been affected by experiences outside of my comfort zone and beyond the four walls of my home. Even if those experiences have yet to take me over the Pacific or Atlantic...I was still able to see parts of the world that impacted me for the better, every single time. 

I wanted my kids to have a global vision and broader perspective of what God could do with their lives and of what He is doing in the world!

What you see changes you. I longed for my kids' hearts to be affected by the things that they would see and experience, outside the four walls of our home. And yet let's be real...saving up to take a 10-year anniversary trip for two people took us 8 yearsHow would we ever fly anywhere now that there were seven of us?!?

I quickly realized that those questions could paralyze me to think that it could never be done. But what if it was possible?

Then shortly after our family grew, Sam and I began dreaming and talking about the future. Dreaming of ways that we could open our kids' eyes to see the world, one glimpse at a time. It wasn't hard to think of the first place that we would want to take them.


My husband will tell you that his heart language is Spanish. He learned how to walk, how to talk, how to read, how to conquer 10th grade math and graduate High School all from the country that he called home for the first 18 years of his life. 

We've been wanting each of our kids to see & experience the place where "daddy grew up."

To feel the salty water on their faces from the Pacific coast...

To walk down the street each day to buy freshly made corn tortillas...

To serve others...

To get to know the people...the friends who had become family and could tell endless stories of their daddy's crazy antics. :-)

It was about the time that we started dreaming of taking the kids on a trip like this (about three years ago) that we remembered that Sam would have a sabbatical coming up a few years down the road. (Sam is the lead pastor at our church and after seven years he gets a three month time frame to recharge and gain new vision for continued ministry.)

With that in mind, we started dreaming of taking the kids to Mexico for a summer and letting them experience ALL OF THE THINGS! And I guess in our minds, the best summer to take everyone down there, was the summer before our youngest would be entering kindergarten.

Our youngest starts kindergarten this fall! Three years have passed since we first started dreaming, which means that our crew is headed on an ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME to Mexico this summer!

We feel that taking this time to rest, serve, and BE together as a family this summer will mark the coming years together as a family and will make a lasting impression on our children and be part of them catching a global vision for what God is doing in the world.

So many details to still figure out, yes!

But the first step to make this all possible was getting passports for everyone, and by golly we've done it!

Our road trip begins early June. And ok, ok...maybe driving our family of seven down to Mexico wasn't in my original dream. ;-) However in the process, we have been dreaming up stops along the way (Hello, Waco, TX!) and I CAN'T WAIT to share this experience with all of you!

I hope that you are inspired to believe that your dreams are possible too!

One of the most exciting things about this trip is something that I am going to 
share on Monday that involves a giveaway and an opportunity for another family
 to have a family road trip too! :-) But just a heads up...I need your help to pull it off. 

Will you help me? Stay tuned!


  1. So exciting! Our family is living fulltime in our RV and traveling the US. We've dreamed of driving through Mexico, but neither of us speak spanish, so we're a little hesitant. Can't wait to follow your journey.

  2. My husband is also a pastor with a sabbatical coming up in a few years. He served as a missionary in Chiapas, Mexico. Our dream is to spend his sabbatical in Chiapas. Our daughter is already in High School!
    Blessings on your journey!

  3. So excited and expecting for what God is going to do in this season!

  4. Buen viaje! Pueden hablar espanol o solamente Sam? Es posible para practicar?


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