Monday, July 4, 2016

The Gate That Changed My Perspective

Yesterday marked 4 weeks since we loaded up our crew and headed to Mexico for our summer adventure! Almost two weeks ago we landed at our main destination (24 hours SOUTH of the border) in a town near the west coast that Sam grew up in. After being on the road for weeks we were excited to settle in for a bit as we unpacked our tubs from the van (I shared about our tub system on Instagram) and will call this place home for the next six weeks. We are thrilled to be staying with Sam's parents while we are here.

I'm a strange kind of gal where things like laundry processes and how people do household chores, as well as the how to's of covering basic necessities TOTALLY intrigue me. I love seeing how people do things in their home and seeing what their systems are. Put me in another country to see the ins and outs of someone's home and I am completely fascinated and feel like I am on cloud nine (I told you...I am a strange kind of gal).

If it piques your interest, even the slightest bit, I thought that today and Wednesday I would give you a glimpse into how some basic things are covered here. Disclaimer: being exposed to some of the processes here has definitely shifted my way of thinking over the years, it has changed my heart and perspective and certainly may affect yours too.

On my very first trip here, back when Sam and I were dating, this one object below had one of the biggest impacts on me. 

That would be the front gate. It allows you to come and go from the house with a vehicle. In the states, we would call that our garage door. Typically the process that we are used to having, when we open or shut our garage door, is lifting our hand up to our visor and pressing a single button. 

Here, there are just a few more steps that you have to take in order to open up the gate and remove your vehicle. 

For example if you were leaving the house you would need to... 

Step 1) Tie up the guard dog. (Don't be we have told the kids over and over and OVER again...He is NOT a pet. If you try to play with him...he may just bite your arm!) 

Step 2) Unlock and unlatch the gate.

Step 3) Open the doors and secure each gate with wooden sticks (the sticks go a certain way to secure the doors from flying shut if a gust of wind were to come...I almost learned the hard way when I had them on the wrong sides...thankfully the van wasn't backing out yet when the one side slammed shut).

Step 4) Have someone spot for you so that you can safely back out on to the narrow road. If you are alone, hold your breath and back out slowly hoping that your rear doesn't get kissed by any speeding motorcycles or taxis.)

Step 5) Remove the wooden sticks and shut the gates.

Step 6) Latch and lock the gates.

Step 7) Release the guard dog.

Step 8) Walk out the small door that locks behind you and get in your vehicle to drive away.

As you can see there are just a few more steps to coming and going here than we are typically use too.

And that is the process that they go through every time they leave and every time they come home.

Our garage door back in Minnesota broke once. 

I complained about it. 

And then almost immediately I remembered what my in-laws do every single time they come or go from their house and I promptly stopped complaining.

What you see has the power to change your perspective and cause you to be abundantly grateful for something that you never considered such a big deal did for me.

On Wednesday I'll give you a glimpse into laundry, meals and how 
we have been staying hydrated and cool here in Mexico.

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