Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Modern & Portable Homework/Art Station!

It all started the other night when my son asked for a glue stick to finish up his homework. You would think that this was a simple request, but as I was in the middle of making dinner and juggling 7 other things, I told him that I had no clue where a glue stick was and he would have to figure it out himself. My tone was probably sharper than he expected. I can picture him now being confused and wondering to himself, "I was just asking for a glue stick." 

I quickly came back with an "I'm sorry" and "hey, here is some tape...why don't you try that." 

Later I did a quick inventory of our homework/art supplies and realized that the pencils were mostly all missing erasers, but one, the crayons were all broken and there were zero glue sticks. I usually try to buy some supplies like this to throw in the kids' stockings at Christmas but this year I decided to do something a little different. I decided to create a modern & portable homework/art station as a joint/family stocking gift for all of them! (I'll still throw in a little candy, fruit and my favorite lip balms into their individual stockings for good measure.)

First I grabbed a few main supplies...

1) The tote with a wooden handle is actually a Magnolia Home piece by Joanna Gaines that I found at Becker Furniture World. You can check out this site to find a local retailer near you.

2) Then I purchased a set of regular mouth pint size mason jars like these.

To fill the jars I picked out all of the basics that I thought the kids would enjoy.

1) I recently found these pens after my friend Ginna told me that there was such a thing as "erasable pens." These might just be my recent favorite thing since sliced bread! You can find them here

2) I typically ration out the tape so that the kids don't go wild and use it all up in 3 seconds flat, but I've also learned to buy it in bulk since we go through lots. You can find a 6-pack here or go all out and get the 12-pack here.  I think I snagged the white tape dispenser at Target a few years back.

3) On a recent Target run I grabbed some Yoobi glue sticks

4) Modern inventions at their finest! The twistable colored pencils here and the twistable crayons here are brilliant. No more getting colored pencil pieces stuck in our pencil sharpener or dealing with hundreds of broken crayons. Thank you crayola! And they fit mighty nicely into those mason jars to store with some colorful flare. 

5) Basic washable markers for the win, here.

6) Staple item, pencils of course. I snagged these ones at Target but my all time favorites are the bulk option of pre-sharpened pencils like these. It is amazing how quickly they fly through those pencils.

7) Any basic stapler will do. And now the modern ones have a built-in staple remover, so less items are needed to store, which is a win in my book!

8) A few pink erasers like these are helpful for when those pencil erasers quickly disappear.

9) And last but not least, a handy, dandy ruler. I snagged the one pictured above from Target but you can also find lots to pick from here

I realized after the fact that I forget to grab our kids scissor stash and add those to the tote. But as you can see, all of my jars are filled. In all practicality we have had some issues with the kids cutting things that they shouldn't, so I'm actually thinking of just keeping those in the kitchen with my scissors and having them ask to use them when needed. 

I love how this little homework/art station turned out! In fact, I'm having a hard time keeping it hidden in our closet until Christmas Eve, when the kids will finally get to open up their stockings.

I'm already picturing this sitting on our dining room table in between meal times and all of the creating that will be taking place around it! In fact, I might finally break out my adult coloring books more, now that I have those twistable colored pencils on hand.

Thanks for asking for a glue stick son, who knew it would have turned into this.

Happy Coloring!


  1. I do the same thing with our school/ homework/ coloring supplies. Since my kids are at different skill levels and i have varying degrees of trust using certain supplies (like scissors and markers), i have one for the older school aged kids (ages 10, 7, 7, and 5) and another one for the non school aged kids (ages 4 and 2) without scissors or anything that can permanently color walls, cabinets, or furniture. It works out great for homework, making cards / notes, and coloring. Because they ALWAYS ask for something while im super busy and unable to drop everything to get supplies out.

    1. That is a great idea to have two different containers for people who have kids in various ages with various skills!



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