Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Tools To Help You Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet!

Christmas is over and New Year's is right around the corner: So, today I am sharing some of the tools that I am most excited to use in 2017!

First up are PowerSheets from the Cultivate What Matters shop. On their site they describe them as 


PowerSheets® help you uncover purpose-filled goals and plan action steps to make what matters happen. Perfect for anyone—moms, students, creatives, entrepreneurs—who needs a grace-filled system that works! Join the thousands of women who have changed their lives with PowerSheets!
It was probably nine months ago that I first heard about PowerSheets. At the time they were all sold out. So I started following Lara Casey on Instagram and have been eagerly waiting for the PowerSheets to come back in stock, ever since! This will be my first year using them and I am excited to start tending to my goals and the things that I have written down that matter most to me. And oh the sticker book...I highly recommend snagging a sticker book or two. It makes adulting and purposeful planning just plain FUN!

Another thing that I am super excited about for this coming year is beginning to read through the Bible chronologically. It is something that I have wanted to do for a long time. It has been years since I read through the Bible from front to back. I love the idea of reading it like a story as it unfolds in Genesis and hops around from there. I don't know about you, but never before have I wanted to read my Bible more than now. There are a LOT of great books out there...books that I really enjoy reading but there is nothing that will take the place of the truth that is in this precious, life-giving book! 
Our church is actually launching this chronological Bible reading program together. It will get you through the entire Old Testament chronologically in 2017. And then we'll be posting the rest of the plan in 2018 to get through the New Testament in about 6 months. I found the NIV Bible below at Sam's Club and knew that it would be a great tool for using this year. I love the idea of marking it up and really diving in!

It has sections on the side for jounaling and then also has different scriptures and pictures that are colored throughout. I love the pretty images and can't wait to dive in using my favorite erasable pens that I mentioned in this post. You can purchase them, here.

I also found an option on Amazon that actually is a Bible plus has pages and scriptures verses right inside to color is here. I really liked the idea of coloring and having a journal all inside. However after checking it out in person, I decided that this one was a little too bulky for what I wanted and so I decided to go with the first one above that is just for journaling and already has colorful pages inside.

Another person I really enjoy following on Instagram is Emily Ley. I just finished reading her book, Grace Not Perfection. It had some great tips in it, was simply enjoyable to read and looks gorgeous (it is one of those pretty books to put on your night stand or coffee table.) Emily Ley also created the Simplified Planner. You guys, google calendar captured my heart years ago (Sam and I can instantly see and edit any of our three synced calendars: Sams, mine & our family's.) I knew I would never go back to a paper planner again. BUT these stripes had me at hello. 

One of the things that we started this past fall was taking one Saturday a month to do a fun family outing together (making memories now and not just waiting for the summer!) and then Sam and I have been taking one Friday a month for a date day to explore the city. I love the fact that I can plan out those days (and other things that I am prioritizing like a once a month social-media free weekend and rest and teaching essential oil classes, etc.) into this and see a month at a times worth of activities. Once I know that I have planned the most important things then everything else can get filled in on my google calendar. And the idea that came with the box that the planner came in was to use the box as a keepsake holder for the year. I'm planning on putting ticket stubs, brochures, a few printed pictures, etc., in it from our adventures in 2017!

The planner also has daily "to-do" lists where you can jot down the things you want to do that day and it even has a place to check them off. "Write a blog post about the helpful tools I found to use in 2017." Check

Finally, I heard about this gorgeous calendar through one of my favorite podcasts, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. The calendar comes from May We Fly, and is darling in every way. My main use for this calendar is to help keep our kids in the loop of a few things coming up in 2017. Each month I fill in family members' birthdays as well as any family trips we have coming up. 

They love counting down to things like that. And because Sam and I both travel separately and together for different events throughout the year without the children, we are able to jot down the places that we are going as well. The kids always love seeing where we are headed to next and it reassures them that even though we are leaving, they can see exactly what day we are coming back home.  

What goals do you have for 2017? If you are looking for tools to help you plan, prioritize and stay on track this coming year, check out some of these helpful tools!

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