Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Simple Desk Refresh

This new year has me smiling from ear to ear! There is just something special about starting a year out fresh. Today feels even fresher as I write from a place in our home that I have never written from before. 

This new set up was such a simple refresh but feels HUGE in the benefits that were gained! It didn't cost us a cent, is super bright and airy and just involved some re-thinking of our space and working through the logistics of some dilemmas that we were having. I thought I would share a little bit about that story so that you might be inspired that the solution to one of your house problems might actually already be...right in your home!

Our popular DIY desk (made out of file cabinets and unused table leaves) has been residing in our home for quite a while now. It has occupied a corner of our dining room for years and was actually the first place I started writing at four years ago.

Once I started teaching essential oil classes, I needed a little bit more storage/office space so I relocated my work area to the second floor. We took the smallest bedroom (that had been our guestroom until we moved it into the basement, here) and turned it into a shared office space for Sam and I. Well, technically, Sam turned it into his office first and then I joined him a little bit later.

The dilemma however became that this room is also our catch all room. It is also a really small space...for two of us. So while I might have more room to organize things here, there is also another desk crammed behind me along with other random things trying to claim this space. 

A few weeks ago we went searching for a bigger dining room table after I shared this news. (Our current table seats 6 people comfortably and on a regular basis we are squeezing 7-10 people around it.) With no luck finding something that fits well in the space and using our current chairs, we are checking with a friend to see if he can build us something. Either way we knew how cramped it already was getting around the table with the desk in the corner so we decided to simplify our art/homework supplies (that were just getting thrown into those file cabinets) into this and broke the desk down and put everything out in the garage. 

Problem: Wanting a chaos free desk to write, plan and create. 

First Solution: I attempted to convince Sam that the office upstairs should become mine and he should find another space to use as his office. I didn't know where that space was...but that was my first suggestion. :-)

Problem: He shot that down, right away. He might have even suggested that I originally invaded HIS office. 

Second Solution: I circled the main level thinking really, really hard. And then told Sam that I was going to try bringing the DIY desk back in the house and put it in the living room by the window. I figured that I could still keep my items upstairs in the recently organized closet, but at least I could have a clutter free space to jump on my laptop from on the main level. A little shuffling down of the coat rack and it FIT!

I discovered through the whole process how much I dislike using my phone to email or message people back. It makes me feel like I'm always on it and I would much rather pick a few times a day to just sit down on an actual keyboard and type out my response. And that is a lot easier to do for me, when the computer is on the main level.

Now I have a place in the main area of the house to communicate, write and plan. 

And the view out the window is the icing on top!

Now the only problem is that Sam came home and saw my new desk set up in the living room and LOVED IT. He started trying to convince me that he should get the desk in the living room. 


I of course disagreed right away...but then as I took a little time to think about it some more, I realized that if he was serious and really did take this space (and stored his stuff in the file cabinets like he suggested) then the upstairs office would be ALL mine. Oh how I could clear out and decorate that blissful space!

I guess only time will tell.

I hope you enjoyed today's little tale.

My advice to you would be to face your current home frustration head on! Is there something that has been bothering you on a regular basis? Is there a way you could fix the problem by shifting furniture, removing something all together to create more space or bringing something back in from the garage?

Take a few minutes to circle your space, think about all of the potential possibilities and let me know what you come up with. You've got this!


  1. I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your blog posts. I'm a mom with six kids and a fellow Minnesotan. I've been reading your blog for a few years, and I love getting glimpses into your home, organization, and life. Keeping life organized and orderly doesn't come naturally for me, but with a big family, it is a number one priority to make life better for all of us. Thank you for the inspiration. Happy New Year. Kathy

    1. Hi Kathy!

      Thank you so much, it is great to hear from another fellow Minnesotan. :-) I'm so glad you are enjoying the blog, Happy New Year to you and your precious family!



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