Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Africa Bound!

I've been exposed to glimpses of Africa for my entire life.

I turn 35, next month.

Since I was a little girl I've heard stories about Africa.

I've seen pictures of  Africa.

As a child, I remember giving up my bed numerous times for friends visiting my parents from Africa.

I've sat around the dinner table with my siblings and my parents while our friends have shared stories with us about what life is like in Africa.

I've sat in numerous church services hearing stories about Africa. In fact, there are people from several different African nations in our church that are a great blessing to us. Their stories, their rich cultures, and their generous hearts have impacted me.

In those ways Africa has already shaped my life.

However up until this point in my life I have NEVER crossed that great and vast Atlantic ocean to set foot on the great continent of Africa.


Next week Sam and I will be getting on a jet plane and heading to Mozambique, Africa. Our trip is for about ten days. We'll be meeting our friends Josh & Sarah there and seeing their farm where, The Garden Well, was birthed. 

They are helping others grow small sustainable farms to provide food to sell as well as food to feed their families. In the past families would struggle through the dry season, they were using all of their energy and time to just get by. But now, with some training on farming and new wells dug FULL of fresh clean water to provide year round growth, these families are able to provide clean water and healthy food for their families.

The video below shows a small glimpse into that. At minute 5 they talk about the irrigation kits that cost $10, and are so simple, yet will provide vegetables enough to feed their entire family year round using 80% less water than other methods.

The first well was dug last year. Since then 2 more have been put in and funding is in place for the 4th. There is one single picture placed on the front of our refrigerator at home. It is a picture of that first well and a daily reminder to me of just how much of a difference water can make.

I've downloaded the newest albums from these artists, Brian & Jenn Johnson and Ellie Holcomb. I have a new book packed. And our bags will get packed at some point between now and take off (most likely just a few hours before take off) and I'm ready. Ready for my heart to be tumbled as I set foot in a land that has already impacted my life for 30+ years. 

Our son asked at lunch yesterday if we could take some of his quarters to Mozambique with us and give it to a child so that that child could have a meal and not be hungry. We told him that our friends were making a way for people to have the tools that they needed, like an irrigation kit and clean water, to provide a way for people to work hard and provide for their family so that they could eat more than just one meal. 

"What do you think is better?" Sam asked our son. 

"If someone gave you one meal to eat or if they gave you a way to eat for years?"

Our kids are gathering their quarters together to purchase $10 irrigation kits. Perhaps your family would like to be a part too. You can go here to make a donation.

I'll be sharing our journey on Instagram. Will you join us?

Our series on Minimalism will continue with scheduled posts going live while we are away. When I return I'll begin posting when the live video walk thru's of each room of our home will take place. 

Being intentional with our stuff, with our time, and with our life isn't just to create a happy place for our souls to dwell.

It is to create moments like these.

Creating moments that we've only dreamed of...for decades, perhaps. 

Moments where we'll finally step foot on that rich, African soil.

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  1. Welcome to Africa!!! We're in West Africa, but I know there's still some similarities between the west and east.


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