Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Minimalism In A Not So Tiny House - Introduction

You've probably seen those shows about tiny houses and maybe you started dreaming of living in one yourself. But then all of a sudden you are snapped back into reality when you wonder, "where would I put my coffee mug collection and all of the children?"

You've followed fabulous instagramers who tour the USA in their adorable & cozy motor homes and stopped to wonder if your husband would let you sell everything and buy one of those. After all, adventure would be right around every corner. But then you remember that you get motion sickness just looking at the spinning rides at the amusement park...let alone riding in a large moving vehicle sideways, for that matter.

Why does this minimalist lifestyle seem to be catching on? 

I think that it's because every where we turn we are surrounded by more and more stuff with the promise that THIS will make us happy.

But then it doesn't.

And then we wonder...

Is there more to life than having all of this stuff?

Is there more to life than working overtime at a job, to be able pay for a really nice car, to be able to use to drive to work...and so forth, and so forth.

The minimalist life is all about simple and living with less and doing more of what you love

But if living in a tiny house or owning a hip, retro motor home isn't in your future, is living a minimalist lifestyle even possible? What if you want a warm & inviting home, space for friends to gather, have multiple people living in your home AND want a room of your own to sneak away to?

Can you own a "not so tiny house" and still live a simpler & fuller life by applying some of the same principles?

The answer is YES!

This past summer our family took an epic road trip from Minnesota to Mexico and back! All seven of us packed up our one tote each and hopped in our twelve passenger van. We logged more hours on the road and in the sun than we ever had before.

We had the time of our lives!

Two months before our trip we cleaned, purged and organized our home. 

We had one clear goal. 

Getting our home ready for numerous guests to stay there over the summer. We gave away a week stay each to two amazing families and filled in the rest of the time with guests through AIRBNB. 

This experience gave me a totally new perspective AND motivation like never before to clean and purge our home.

The outcome was epic.

We came back home right before school started and thankfully our house was still here. ;-) We had signatures left on the chalkboard guestbook wall with thank you's and little notes left where people shared how much they really enjoyed their stay.

We funded our whole road trip to Mexico and back because of opening up our home to others. 

When we returned I gained even more freedom as I continued purging and cleaning our home after realizing how AMAZING it felt to continue having quality family time, continue to open up our home to guests and NOT continuing to spend hours shopping for, cleaning up and organizing ALL OF THAT STUFF!

My home feels inviting and I feel free!

I feel even more able now to focus on what matters most...loving God and loving people.

Now, everything that is in our home is there because it serves an important purpose or multiple purposes or brings someone in our home great joy. 

Through this new series, Minimalism In A Not So Tiny House, I want to guide you through creating a minimalist home that you love (regardless of the size of your home) that gives you the freedom to do the things that you've always dreamed of doing!

Over the course of these next few months, I'll share advice on downsizing your stuff, give you a tour of each room in our house and give you meaningful tips for tackling your space and finding freedom from "stuff" for the long haul! 

I'm also writing an e-book that will launch this Spring! A manual of sorts on how to prepare your home, host well, and have a thriving AIRBNB listing. I'll share all of my behind the scenes tips and things we learned along the way that will help you prepare and list your home well, right from the start!  

But this whole minimalism thing is going to take work.

And a mindset change.

And you are going to have to get rid of some stuff.

But it is going to be WORTH IT!

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  1. I am a SAHM of 6. I quit working full time 2 years ago just before #6 was born. This morning, i decided to finally donate all of my old work clothes to a clothes closet at a local church. I was so tempted to keep some clothes that i like but that dont fit me (and some haven't fit in almost 10 years!) You have encouraged me to donate all of my clothes that i haven't worn in the last 12 months to the church. Thank you!!!

  2. I love this! I've been thinking about this a lot as we're a family of 5 in a house about 2000 square feet - a big increase from our previous 1100. The overall size now feels about right for us, but I have NO desire to fill it up with stuff. I'm doing OK with keeping my things and the house things down to just what we need, but how do I handle kids' things?! I would love to hear insight on that!

  3. So great, Sarah! Looking forward to reading this series. And I'm really interested in hearing about your experience with airbnb. What a creative way to fund family travel adventures! Taking notes!

  4. I can't wait Sarah! Don't spare us any details 🙂 You nailed it again...minimalism with a family and the love of hospitality...practical minimalism. Love it!

  5. I love this post! Your words are every thing my soul has thought about this last year. Even the motor home part, but then, I get car sick, well rv sick too.
    This past December we opened up our home to our neighbor's family! I feel like it was a huge blesseing to give them! Can't wait to catch up on your post!


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