Our Story

A Little Bit More About Our Family:
We weren't always a family of seven and it's been quite the journey.
It's our hope that our family's story will fill you with hope for the future.

A Little Bit More About Me:

My name is Sarah. I love God with every ounce of my heart. I am a thinker. I am a dreamer. While I do many jobs, my favorite one is being a mom. After years of heart ache and longing to expand our family, God intervened and dramatically transformed our lives. I believed in God before but now I'm burning with a desire to share about His love with others. I do that through this blog and through speaking.

This blog shares mainly about four of my favorite topics...

An Inviting Home: Parenting.Adoption.Organization.Decor

My heart is to show you that turning your house into a home takes time and a budget.
 I use Pinterest to work for me and not against me and I don't just make decorating
 decisions based on what looks nice, but on what's practical for our family.

Let me tell you a little bit more about my passions...

Parenting. Somehow in making sense of how to go from 2 kids to 5 kids, in just minutes, with only three years experience at this whole parenting thing, our organization & parenting skills went up a whole notch. How do you parent a second grader when you haven't even sent a child to kindergarten?  We now have how much laundry to do? You want to put every single piece of artwork that you ever made on my fridge x5? Just some thoughts that have bounced through my head since we transitioned. 

When it comes to parenting, I am no expert! Make sure that goes on the record books. (You did record that right?) The truth is, my husband and I have a blast parenting. We believe that parenting should have purpose and vision just like a job would outside of the home. We may not have grown our family the traditional way, one by one, but that is what allowed us to process how to be the best parents that “we” can be with the shortest amount of time to practice. We have literally had to quickly adapt solutions that may or may not have worked for our family. We have values that are intertwined in our parenting as well as our home decor for the kids to see on a daily basis. We have routines (a key that has helped our specific kids thrive) and we still like to switch it up a bit (throw the routine out the window!) to keep life exciting and not be totally predictable.

Adoption. The truth is, it is on God's heart and He put it on our hearts many years ago. We always wondered about the timing. Then with one toddler and a baby at home, it was clear that there were three other precious kids that might someday need a forever family.

Then some thoughts after two years...The Untold Story Of Open Adoption.

Organization. I'm a type-A, likes to have a place for everything kind of gal. It didn't happen overnight but over the course of years and taking one small project at a time we have added household systems that work well for us and keep all of this going...most days. (Staying sane until I am 40 is also on the top of my priority list!)

Decor. I love decor. My style is Modern Texture

I don't think that you can go wrong with any style if you are discovering what makes your house feel like a home and what brings you joy. I love to decorate with things that have meaning to our family. You can view our home tour here to catch a little glimpse into our home.

A month after welcoming our three oldest kids into our home we moved into a bigger space. We had just purchased our first house two years prior to that, but now having bedrooms that could fit all of the beds AND dressers, for seven people, was way more important.

Through all of our transitions, I came to a place of asking myself, "What are some things that I enjoy?" I narrowed it down to parenting, adoption, organization & decor. I also realized that I needed a way to stay sane through it all…and for me, blogging is the perfect way.

What are some ways that I keep calm through it all?…one prayer, one hug, one label, one beautiful couch pillow at a time. We want our children to feel truly loved and for friends, new and old, to feel welcomed. We want our space to be functional while still being warm and cozy, we are always doing our best to create an inviting home.

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