Enjoy reading these adoption stories from other families. Each one has a unique & beautiful story to share.


  1. you are lovely people good luck on all that you do and the joy you share.

  2. Thanks for blogging about foster/adoption. We currently have 3 under 3, two of which are adopted and one that is still a foster child (all siblings). I appreciate reading about another family and all of your experiences (and organization). We're still living with a lot of chaos but your posts give me hope that we could be a bit more organized ;-)

    1. I'm so glad that the posts are helping!


  3. Was looking for adoption grants when Google led me here (not sure why, but glad it did). We just received word we have been chosen to adopt three children from the other side of the country. We are, naturally, terrified...and excited...then back to terrified. I've only started reading your posts but looking forward to reading them all - a little guidance from someone who has done it before us. Thanks a bunch! Wish us luck.


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